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Hollow Boards

New project for INDIA.

Plastic is replacing all kinds of wood and much other material and many other applications.
Construction Frame work: Hollow Boards

Construction business in INDIA is on fast speed these days and is to continue to compensate for the houses and all other sorts of Building needs of continuous and ever ongoing population explosion!

We need Buildings and this sector, though face recession at times, still never dies.

o The PM had declared that there shall be a house for each family in INDIA by 2022. The work has already started on this and we can see new buildings and slums getting vanished.
o A survey says that about 60% of the constructed buildings need replacement of wood on account of either they are termite rotten, water & moisture-eroded, are old enough to be replaced and the new generation needs change.

Construction boards in INDIA traditionally have been wooden boards of various thicknesses and densities which erode with the time faster, break. The wood is scarce and becoming costlier by day.

BUT the replacement is here now.

o The re-cycled PLASTIC + CaCO3 Boards, though hollow still much stronger. o Can be made lighter
o Never gets termite
o Do not get wet

o Cannot break if not thrown harshly
o Supports wall and RCC in with much better strength o Gifts cleaner and smoother surfaces
o MUCH longer life and so is much economical

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The boards are made in densities of 0.52 to 0.58 GCC and in thicknesses of 14 to 20 mm and sizes of 915 mm x 1830 mm to 1220 mm x 2440 mm. Usually at such Densities, the weight works out to be 0.720 Kg per to 0.937 Kilogram per Square foot.
Why this board is stronger even when it is hollow is its A-B-A construction, three layered and the top and bottom surfaces being better plastic the central layers can have much of re-cycled and high on CaCO3 content as filler.
Screwing and nailing etcetera have not been issues and re-using ‘n’ number of times is also not a problem as long as it is well handled.
The project can start with an initial investment of Rs 3.8 Cr. This is relatively a new product and absolutely a virgin market. Look at the figures.

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And profitability statement works out as below.

Screenshot 2019-05-08 at 6.07.48 PM

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More applications over and above to be used as construction boards, are seen as below.
 Partition boards because these boards are made in any needed color with contours.
 Outside cabins and moving offices for the sites.
 Heat / sound barrier walls.

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Why such product to replace traditional wooden product?

Wood-made plywood for shutting needs oil to release, gets water and termite effect and decays, is costlier and difficult to get more and more wood which is costly also. Cannot be used for more than 8 to 10 times and gets elongated at times.
Whereas this plastic made board:
1. Can be reused 80-100 times, depending upon the quality that we make and the percentage of reprocessed plastic we use.
2. 100% waterproof, won’t deform and wrap;
3. Need no releasing agent;
4. High pressure-bearing capacity;
5. Can withstand the temperature from -10 degree to 90 degree; 6. Good nail holding power.
7. Plastic plugs can be used to repair holes and also Glass glue can repair big scratches as and when needed.
8. Can be made in many densities and thicknesses as the need be.
And still can be sold at about 50% post many times usage to the re-cycling units.

Should go for this business since there is no competition so far in India.

The Author, based at Ahmedabad- INDIA, is a professional consultant, assisting to set up New and Lucrative projects.

The Author, Mr. Kamal Shah, is Ahmedabad based consultant, assisting to set up Lucrative and new projects.

mail@positiveaggression.in   9624112091 / 9879552875 capture-20190503-010259





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